This Is The One Last Hope For A Government In Greece

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Photo: Courtesy of Peter Sommer Travel

By now you should know this: If Greece can’t form a government, then there will be new elections in mid June, and in this election, it’s likely that left-wing leader Alexis Tsipras and his SYRIZAT party will clean up, leading up to a huge showdown with the rest of Europe.So Europe as a whole would very much like to avoid that outcome.

And there’s one chance still that it could happen.

Tomorrow, there will be another meeting between the various parties in Greece, and the Greek President. SYRIZAT will not attend. But the three other biggest parties, PASOK (liberal), New Democracy (conservative) and The Democratic Left (leftist) could theoretically still garner enough seats among them to form a government.

We should find out what happens sometime tomorrow.

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