This Could Be The Most Difficult Video Game In The World

This is what you’ll be doing most of the game.

Photo: Screenshot / QWOP

“QWOP” has been called the most difficult game to play by many a gamer.Created in 2008 by Bennett Foddy, this flash-based game has no elaborate quest, no magical powers, and no daemonic foes blocking your way.

There’s just one player and four keys on the keyboard.

You play as “QWOP” (appropriate, considering those are the only four keys you use), the sole representative of the QWOP nation competing in the 100 meter dash at the Olympics.

Using the “Q,” “W,” “O,” and “P” keys, you control the runner’s thighs and calf muscles, upper and lower, respectively, pressing the keys in a seemingly random sequence in order to make your avatar move forwards. 

While this description may make “QWOP” appear to be easy, the game is far from it. It is the ultimate test of brain power, hand-eye coordination, and pure determination. The game is so addicting that it has spawned a massive following online and around the world. 

Want to see how difficult this game actually is? Try it here for yourself. Just don’t blame us when you can’t make it past the one meter mark.

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