This Is The Main Reason Why Square And Twitter Are Taking Over The World

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Square CEO Jack Dorsey has built two of the most important technology companies in the world with one principle in mind: making apps that disappear into the background.Both Square and Twitter were designed with the idea that they serve as something that you don’t actually have to think about, Dorsey said in an interview with Charlie Rose.

Here’s the most important bit from the interview:

The best technologies, they disappear, they fade into the background and they’re relevant when you want to use them, and they get out of the way when you don’t.

…You don’t have to keep an app open to keep value out of it. It’s the concept of a push notification. I could be sitting on the grass, reading my newspaper, and suddenly I would get a tweet about an earthquake in San Francisco. And then I would feel it. It was amazing because it brought everyone closer together. But I didn’t have to have the app open, I didn’t have to know what to look for, it was pushed to me because it was relevant.

…The best technology always reminds us of our human-ness. We already have everything we need. We started with these big computers in massive rooms, and then we had these abstractions of the mouse and the keyboard, moving the mouse with a little pointer. Now we’re just using what we already have, we’re just using our fingers. And we’re using that to interact with data. I think the next move is that the technology disappears from our sight completely.

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