This Is The Largest Cargo Ship To Ever Enter San Francisco Bay

Yesterday afternoon, like a scene out of the classic Will Smith movie Independence Day, the MSC Fabiola emerged from the fog to enter San Francisco Bay.

However, unlike that movie, the ship didn’t go on to attempt to destroy the entire world.

The MSC Fabiola is the largest freighter to ever enter San Francisco Bay. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Fab (it’s real name is a bit long) is 1,201 feet long and can hold 12,500 20-foot long containers.

That’s a lot of cars.

The imposing size doesn’t only make it the largest to ever dock in San Francisco, it is the largest container ship to ever dock in North America.

There are even bigger ships being built in Asia, so it might not be long until this record is broken again.

Check out the ominous entrance to San Fran below (via YouTube):

Now check out the scene at the Dubai Boat Show >

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