‘This Is The End’ Ironically Chosen As Blockbuster’s Final Rental

With the remaining 300 Blockbuster stores in the process of closing their doors, the video rental chain’s last film to ever be rented was the 2013 comedy “The Is The End.”

Considering the title, the Seth Rogen, James Franco, and Jonah Hill-starring movie is an ironic choice.

The final transaction took place at 11 p.m. on Nov. 9 in Hawaii.

Blockbuster employees tweeted the news yesterday to the chain’s mere 22,681 followers:

The Wrap joked the Blockbuster employees are smiling so widely in the picture because they “were moments from being free to pursue career opportunities at Redbox.”

Seth Rogen responded to Blockbuster’s tweet:

The irony was not lost on Twitter:

Seth Rogen Blockbuster tweets

“Around 50 licensed Blockbuster stores will remain open once Dish shutters its company-run stores by mid January,” notes Variety. “Blockbuster will begin liquidating its current assets this week.”