This Is The Dorky Way That Microsoft Is Trying To Get Customers To Ditch VMware

Microsoft has got another new ad campaign dissing VMware.

This time they pit a fictional character against a real Microsoft’s employee for a debate.

Microsoft is bringing back their character named Tad — a guy stuck in the 1970’s who is supposed to represent a salesperson for the fictional “VMlimted” Corp., makers of virtualization software. That’s the stuff that VMware sells. Microsoft has its own virtualization software, Hyper-V. It is baked into Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008.

We think its safe to say that the Microsoft dude, Edwin Yuen, wins. (The debate is here.) Though the funny part is that the fictional character’s responses are really a better read. 

The original Tad commercials were moderately entertaining — at least for a subject as dry as server virtualization.

Still, we’re a little dumbfounded that adults not only thought this was a good idea, but spent time and energy on it.

Here’s one of the new Tad videos. You tell us … funny? Or dorky?

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