This Is The Creepiest Air Conditioner Ad Ever [THE BRIEF]

Good morning, AdLand. Here’s what you need to know today:

  • Well, Del Campo Nazca Saatchi & Saatchi officially made the creepiest ad ever, and it happens to be for Argentina’s BGH air conditioners. The spot stars a psychopath who sits inside ranting about how much he hates the sweaty and smelly people of summer. “If only tanning oil was gasoline, the sun would burn them all,” he says in a deep voice. The tagline at the end: “Don’t worry. We’ll keep him inside.”

  • Oreo might have picked Wieden & Kennedy to do its Super Bowl work, but The Martin Agency is going to do all creative in the U.S. Incumbent shop, DraftFCB, will still handle the brand globally.
  • Agency Spy has a blind item up that a San Francisco agency with retention problems has started asking employees who work on different floors to act as seat fillers by reception to make it seem more full when clients come. Know who it is? Email [email protected]
  • El Al launched a travel parody video and if you watch it and like the Facebook page, you’re in the running to win a free trip to Israel. It was produced by Brand New.
  • Here’s what the New York Times has to say about Facebook’s gift store asking people to shop while they’re sharing.
  • Donald Trump isn’t doing great things for Macy’s popularity.
  • If you’re hankering for a blast from the past, here’s Kevin Costner starring in a 1983 Apple ad.
  • Taco Bell picked Publicis Groupe’s Spark to do its media planning.
  • StrawberryFrog has set up shop in Mumbai.

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