This Japanese Latte Art Will Leave You Speechless [PICTURES]

Kazuki Yamamoto latte art

Kazuki Yamamoto may only be 26 years old, but his latte creations at Japan’s Osaka cafe 10g have made him famous on the internet.

The barista began working in a Tokyo café when he was 20, and initially experimented with making leaves out of steamed milk, he told Business Insider in an email.

One day, a friend challenged him to try drawing an anime character in the foam. After his initial success, Yamamoto realised his talent and expanded to elaborate designs that he began to post to his Twitter account.

Yamamoto now has more than 100,000 followers, and the young barista updates his account frequently with illustrations of cartoon characters, actors, musicians, and landscapes.

And in case you thought the coffee would be cold by the time it gets to the customers, Yamamoto assures us that each creation takes him at most four minutes to complete, and that the drinks are still hot when served to patrons.

He excels in 3D latte art where he uses the foam to create his designs.

Here's Stitch from Lilo & Stitch looking up at you from your cup.

A giraffe is bathing in your latte.

This cute design has a cat reaching over to another coffee cup to watch fish swimming in the coffee.

Of course, Pokémon characters also make an appearance in Yamamoto's work. He does an impeccable job with Vileplume here.

He takes inspiration from anywhere, even puzzle pieces.

His interests run the gamut from landscapes to movie characters. Here's ET.

He also has a ton of anime creations — you can see the complete collection on his Twitter profile.

Despite his elaborate designs, Yamamoto insists to Business Insider the coffee is never sold cold to his customers.

Think coffee art is impressive?

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