The cheapest and only legal way to watch Game of Thrones, series 6, in Australia

Game of Thrones is back. Image: HBO

It’s that time of year again, where millions of Australian bit torrent clients get fired up as we lead the way for global piracy.

Subscribing to Foxtel is the only way to legally watch Game of Thrones as it come out in Australia, with the pay TV operator locking all digital rights down too, meaning iTunes, Quickflix and other digital providers can’t make the show available until the series is completely finished.

Foxtel is hoping to curb piracy of GoT by offering a discounted Foxtel Play subscription. The basic package still remains $25 a month, but the premium movie and drama package, which is required to watch Game of Thrones is being discounted from $25 a month to $5 a month for the three months Game of Thrones is on. This brings the total cost to see each episode of Game of Thrones at $90 over the three months, or $9 per episode.

On the surface that looks expensive, but you also get access to the rest of the live and on demand library Foxtel offers there, including their other premium drama shows, such as Veep and Penny Dreadful.

The cheaper package is only available to new or resubscribing customers, however existing customers can just cancel their current Play subscription and sign back up again to get the discount.

Foxtel will be fighting the Game of Thrones battle on multiple fronts, with not only pirates a concern, but also HBO’s Now streaming service. While Now isn’t officially available in Australia, it’s not hard to use a DNS or VPN service to get around it. Although, the cost of $US14.99 plus $2-3 per month for a workaround leaves you with roughly only a $5 discount compared to Foxtel Play.

The first episode of season 6 airs in Australia at lunchtime on Monday, 25 April.