This highly controversial method is taught to teachers and students to deal with school shooters

Schools in the United States have seen 45 shootings in 2015, and teachers and students are preparing to fight back against their attackers.

Using highly controversial methods, an organisation called ALICE Training Institute prepares teachers and students to fight back against mass killers.

ALICE, which stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate, believes teachers and students should be prepared for anything.

“If that person enters the classroom, and my kids are there, I want them to do whatever they can to disrupt that person’s thought process,” said ALICE instructor Michael Kimball.

Schools across America are resorting to methods that involve physically countering invading attackers. If teachers and students are unable to evacuate or barricade the door, they are instructed to throw heavy objects and tackle the shooter.

School administrators are left with the difficult task of deciding if they want to ask their kids and staff to risk their life to protect the entire student body.

“For me as a principal, I’m not sure I’m comfortable with telling students to attack an intruder,” said Lyndell Davis, the first year Principal at Truman High School. “And how do you tell a parent, I picked your kid to attack?”

Parents and teachers agree, more needs to be done to protect children in schools, but there is no one solution to the problem.

“Our school is a welcoming environment,” said David Heinemann, the principal of Groveland Elementary School at Central Buck School District in Pennsylvania. “We have to keep it that way.”

Story and video by Adam Banicki and Jacob Shamsian.

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