This is how you move a $17-million super-yacht

When the Dynamiq GTT super-yacht — currently under construction in Italy — is completed, it will be one of the fastest and most efficient yachts to grace the Port of Monaco, and the world.

But building a $US17-million superyacht is no easy task. After the body was finished in an outdoor dry dock, the boat had to be lifted, placed on wheels and rolled, very carefully, into a warehouse for more delicate finishing.

Dynamiq shared these images with Business Insider of the GTT’s big move into its new home until it is completed later this year.

A massive gantry crane hoisted the yacht from its first home, a massive dry dock at an Italian shipbuilding yard.

Dangling from the huge crane, the super-yacht looks more like a toy boat than a vessel capable of 21 knots (about 25 mph).

You can get a sense of the crane's sheer size just by looking at the hooks on the end of its cables.

Carefully, the yacht is moved over a specially designed transporter with dozens of wheels to support the immense weight of the boat.

Steady now, steady ...

Workers ensure that the boat is perfectly level as it's slowly lowered into position.

Workers insert wooden wedges under the yacht's hull to keep it level during transport.

Slowly and gently, the GTT rolls through the Italian shipyard on its way to the outfitting shed.

It's a tight squeeze, but the GTT makes it in with inches to spare.

When the GTT emerges from the outfitting shed, it will look more like the poster on the outside than the unfinished metal boat going in.

The climate-controlled shed allows workers to paint and finish the yacht, as well as install luxury customisations -- Dynamiq's biggest selling point.

Before long, the Dynamiq GTT super-yacht will be crossing waves and blue water in the Mediterranean.

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