INSTANT MBA: This Is How You Build The Stamina You Need

Jen Groover

Photo: Entrepreneur

Today’s advice comes from serial entrepreneur Jen Groover in her piece on Entrepreneur:“Entrepreneurship is really a journey of self-transformation so you really need to be working on yourself more than your business.”

Groover advises that entrepreneurs start their mornings off with something that “invigorates” them, because this is the key to “identifying a pattern that accelerates your energy throughout the day.”

Without knowing yourself in this way, you’ll easily break down and won’t be able to handle the long hours that goes hand-in-hand with entrepreneurship. 

You also need to identify activities or situations that bring you down or causes you to tire more quickly. This is the only way you’ll build your personal stamina and can truly put in the physical strength and brain power needed in running a business. 

“Understanding what your roadblocks are internally will help you get over the external roadblocks more quickly.” 

“Your stamina is like a muscle — it’s something you have to work out everyday.”

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