This Is How The Tea Party Can 'Agree' With Occupy Wall Street's Demands

Given the somewhat amorphous slogans of the Occupy Wall Street movement, members of the tea party may be wondering if they should join the fray. Depending on how the Occupy Wall Street agenda is actually applied, many of the protesters’ calls for change resonate pretty strongly with tea partiers. University of Denver law professor Robert Hardaway suggests how the tea party might “agree” with five of the Occupy movement’s top demands – in its own way.

This post originally appeared on The Christian Science Monitor.

1. No more bailouts

2. No more corporate welfare

No more massive taxpayer subsidies for companies like solar firm Solyndra just because these companies are chic, politically seductive, or give campaign contributions to favoured politicians. Instead of forcibly extracting billions from homeowners struggling to pay their mortgages in order to finance this kind of corporate welfare, use the money instead to lower taxpayer-homeowners' income taxes so they can pay their mortgages and avoid foreclosure.

Stop subsidizing corporations like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which act as transit points for securitizing loans, rewarding banks that market them, and thereby inflating the housing market to levels unaffordable by the average American.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

3. No more economic oppression

4. No more debt for college education

Government must stop printing billions of dollars for student loans, which ultimately inflates college costs beyond affordability. Rather, limit loans in a way that reduces student debt, and reward colleges that cut costs for students rather than raise them far above the general rate of inflation. Don't increase students' college debts by making American students borrow money to subsidise the education of illegal immigrants, or by depriving American citizens of the right to in-state tuition while awarding it to illegal immigrants.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

5. Give us jobs

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