'Oracle Is The Most Dysfunctional organisation That I Had Ever Seen'

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The Oracle sales teams are so dysfunctional that top sales performers are leaving en masse, an employee who left the company a week ago told us.This echos other reports we are hearing about problems with Oracle’s sales. The ex-employee left Oracle hardware sales after less than a year on the job, even after exceeding an annual sales quota, the source told us.

“There is no doubt, based on my professional experience in the computer hardware industry, that Oracle is the most dysfunctional organisation that I had ever seen,” the ex-employee told us.

“There is no organizational alignment from the hardware product centres through the silos of the sales organisation (direct/indirect/inside/outside) and the┬áright hand never knows what the left hand is doing. No one has overall regional/territory/sales responsibility.”

Plus, Oracle seems to have an insanely confusing sales reporting system — which is odd for a company that sells database and ERP systems.

“The most distressing thing about working for Oracle is that no one on the sales team has any confidence that they are being paid correctly,” this employee said. “I know personally of people who claim to be owed thousand of dollars in commission, supported by documentation, for an extended period of time without resolutions due to system issues.”

Oracle apparently trains sales people to use Excel pivot tables to audit their own compensation. “Isn’t it odd that the world’s leading provider of database technology cannot produce reports that allow their employees to see how they are getting paid?”

Another long-time Oracle employee told us that this is nothing new. “Mr. Ellison believes competition within competition raises revenue. Seeing Oracle’s track record I believe this works. It may not be a great working environment but it works for the company and selling software.”

It apparently doesn’t work as well for selling hardware.

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