This Is How Much It Would Cost The Average Person To Be Iron Man

Last week, we told you the price it would cost the average person to dress in cape and cowl and don the Batsuit. deduced it would set you back a hefty $682 million–including the price of Wayne manor.

After Batman’s hefty price tag was revealed, we couldn’t help but wonder how much it costs the other self-made superhero to sustain his crime fighting hobby. 

The people at MoneySupermarket put together another infographic modelling the cost to be Marvel’s billionaire playboy, Tony Stark

Though his house may be a bit cheaper at $25 million, one suit alone costs a massive $110 million. Granted, a small amount of this includes a great deal of cars—something that doesn’t aid Stark’s pursuit in fighting crime. All we’re missing is his custom CGI private jet mock up (originally a Boeing 737 Business Jet).

All together, Tony Stark’s Iron Man costs him more than $1 BILLION, making Wayne’s millions look like nickels and dimes in comparison. 

We suggest this printable Iron Man mask, instead. 

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