This is how many Tesla cars are in Australia

Tesla. Photo: Getty Images

Tesla announced today that it delivered a record 50,000 cars globally in 2015, including a mammoth 17,000 in the last quarter.

The majority of the sales are in the USA, but Tesla has a strict policy of not disclosing regional sales numbers, so we don’t officially know the number break down for each country, but we can make a very educated guess about Australia.

With the help of some eagle-eyed Tesla fans, we have a rough idea using government databases after taking note of Model S cars seen in the flesh to calculate how many have been delivered since its local launch in late 2014.

There are at least 583 Model S Teslas on Australian roads, a car that starts at around $123,000 (the base model was about $95,000 at launch, but the price is based on the US dollar and thus changes regularly as the Australian dollar drops against the USD). The majority are found in New South Wales (262), closely followed by Victoria with 169.

While most of the other states and territories lie in the double digits, the Northern Territory has just one lonely Model S.

Of course, there is likely more of the cars on the road, with some not spotted yet by fans. So it would be safe to assume that the number sits around the 600 mark.

To compare that figure with other cars in the large premium market, the class leader Mercedes-Benz E-Class sold around 1100 in 2015.

There is also a very small number of Tesla Roadsters cruising around in Australia – less than 10.

With more dedicated “supercharger” stations to recharge the cars rolling out across Australia this year, particularly in southern Queensland, Tesla sales are expected to be gain even more traction.