This is how many people use Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in Australia

The Australian digital industry body IAB and Nielsen have launched a new local digital audience measurement, which is mainly aimed at news sites, but for the first time gives us an idea at what social media networks are doing in Australia.

As expected, Facebook is the most used social network in Australia as of February 2016, with a unique audience of 15.477 million per month and an active reach of 71.16% of all internet users.

Instagram, which Facebook also owns, was the next most used social network, with 6.983 million Australians visiting the site either on their phone or desktop, reaching 35.58% of all internet users.

LinkedIn came in third with a unique audience of 6.983 million, while Twitter was in fourth with 5.528 million and Pinterest rounding out the top five with a unique audience of 4.545 million.

Mobile-only Snapchat had 3.068 million Australians on the service in February.

Monique Perry, Nielsen’s head of media, said the biggest sites and services were those who are being mobile led, pointing to the growth of Facebook and YouTube which have put their main focus on mobile apps.

Another interesting note from the data is that Amazon is the 17th most visited site in the country, with a unique audience of 5.911 million despite not having a warehouse or offering its popular Prime service Down Under.

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