This Is How Cloud Computing Will Change Your Job In IT

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As cloud and web services continue to gain speed, the upfront cost of launching products is decreasing.All the while, businesses can create more using less money and less people.

What does all this mean? It likely means there will be fewer IT positions available and a different skill set will be required as well.

IT personnel will be required to not only know technical aspects of the cloud, but will have to take on a managerial skill set.

Emerging Skill Sets

Data Mining: The ability to combine statistics and artificial intelligence methods to spot patterns in large data sets is a useful skill that many companies search for. Data mining is helpful for preforming competitor analysis, which is highly beneficial.

As companies hire more data miners, there will be need for people who can translate the data into business know how. This will require not only the skills to translate the data, but to help their team members understand the data as well.

Analytics: Driving traffic to sites is becoming increasingly more important as the web continues to be used for profit. Advertisers want to get the most traffic to their sites while paying a minimal amount, which means companies will need people who can analyse user interactions to find weak points and produce valuable campaigns.


These skills should be complimented with a computer science or electrical engineering degree. That being said, practical experience in real world environments can be your best advocate.

Most cloud environments get started with minimal resources, especially for students. To get experience, seek out learning opportunities through internships or university projects. Keep in mind that many internships can be counted as school credit.

In terms of languages for web applications, the most practical choices are JavaScript and Flash. JavaScript is dominating and won’t be going anywhere soon.

Every company looks for something different in their new hires, so be sure to network with current employees of your desired company and to do your research.

General Knowledge or Master a Niche

The cloud allows companies to get much farther with just a few end-to-end developers. This is particularly important for startups that are moving quickly to launch their niche product with only a few staff members. So if you get hired on at a small cloud based company, having a general knowledge of all areas is beneficial to your position.

However, for larger companies knowing specific computer science concepts is very important. Larger companies have significantly more resources than startups, which means big tech companies are able to hire for specialised positions. At the same time, it’s good to have a deep understanding of how the overall system works and to stay up to date on software developments, since technology is constantly changing.

Career opportunities in cloud and web services are growing, and likely to continue on that path for at least a few years. A 2010 IBM survey shows 91 per cent out of 2,000 IT professionals surveyed, believe cloud computing will be the primary IT delivery model by 2015. Needless to say, job hunters with great knowledge of cloud computing will have a distinct advantage in the upcoming years.

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