This is how a community group in Hamburg is exacting revenge on public urinators

Image: IG St. Pauli – Screenshot YouTube

A special interest group in Hamburg, Germany became so fed up with public urination that they sprayed a bunch of city walls with a special water-repellent paint to deter offenders.

Members of St. Pauli’s Community of Interest released a video which shows them covering the walls of their neighbourhood with a superhydrophobic enamel coating so that urine splashes right back.

St. Pauli is one of Hamburg’s most popular nightclubbing districts, attracting more than 20 million visitors each year. “It’s a lot of fun,” the video says.

“But for the people who live here, it isn’t always that funny,” according to the video’s narrator. “Because drunks pee wherever they please…”

In the clip posted on YouTube, which has attracted nearly half a million views, Hamburg resident Julia Staron is shown sticking up signs in both German and English that warn: “Hier nicht pinkeln! Wir pinkeln zurueck”, which translate to “Do not pee here! We pee back!”

“This paint job sends a direct message back to perpetrators that their wild urinating on this wall is not welcome,” Staron told Reuters. “The paint protects the buildings and the residents and most importantly it sends a signal this behavior is not on.”

It’s “peeback” time. Watch the video below.

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