This iPhone Add On Makes It Easy To Control Your Games

iphone game controller

Photo: Tested

Some gamers are still wary of the rise of bite-size games on smart phones.It’s understandable. There’s only so much you can do with a small touch screen, but $.99 and $1.99 games have made a huge mark on the industry in just a few short years.

The iControlPad wants to unite the best of both gaming worlds by offering up traditional controls for emulators or modern mobile games that support PC gamepads. The iControlPad uses Bluetooth to sync with a smart phone and has a 1500 mAh battery stashed inside the controller to charge your phone while you play.

The unit is shipping from iControlPad for $74.99, and you can buy the controller alone (minus the side pieces that clamp onto a phone for ease-of-use) for $59.99.

iControlPad lists the following devices as compatible with the current exchangeable side clamps shipping with its controller: iPhone 3, iPhone 3G, iPhone, iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPod touch (some require padding), Motorola Backflip (needs padding), Lg Optimus S, Lg Ally, Blackberry Touch, Samsung Intercept (may require adjustment), HTC Dream, T-Mobile G1, Era G1.

It’s possible other devices close in size to those phones will fit just fine. A total of 3000 units are going to be produced as a starting order. iControlPad warns that “You should further be aware, that while the iControlpad is a fully working and tested controller you will be an early adopter, software for your phone may be thin on the ground at first, and we encourage you to ask your favourite developers to support it.” Hopefully 3000 units isn’t an overestimation of the market for such a peripheral.

This post originally appeared on Tested.

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