This insane maths question about Cheryl's birthday is driving the internet crazy

Source: Facebook

This maths question from a global math Olympiad for high school children is sending the internet crazy.

It was posted on Facebook by Singaporean TV post Kenneth Kong, following the exam on April 8, who originally suggested it was for 11-year-olds, but after it emerged that the question had been leaked, The Straits Times reports it’s actually designed for the Australian equivalent of Years 9 and 10 students.

The leak has led organisers of the global competition to hastily rewrite the exam paper with a new question before other countries sit the test, with Singapore and Asian Schools Math Olympiad executive director Henry Ong saying it’s the first time a question has leaked in 10 years of running the competition.

Ong told Singapore’s Mothership that it was the 24th of 25 questions and designed “to sift out the better students”.

The brain teaser has gone viral out Facebook and we’ve put the answer below, but if you want to know how the answer is calculated, Ong gave Mothership the solution. It’s not so much maths as a deductive process of elimination.

And if you want to test you mathematical prowess against kids aged between 8 and 16, then SASMO has practice exam papers here.

Perhaps the best answer to the question came from KinMun Theodore Lee on Facebook, when he said regardless of the date, “it doesn’t change the fact that Cheryl is going to be celebrating her birthday alone”.

* The correct answer is July 16.

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