This Ingenious Knife Lighting Up Kickstarter Solves The Biggest Problem With Butter

A new Kickstarter project aims to solve one of the biggest problems with breakfast: cold, hard butter.

The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp, a butter knife developed by Australia’s DM Initiatives, has a built-in grater that’s designed to soften butter and make it easier to spread.

It looks remarkably easy to use.

The soft butter comes off the knife in neat ribbons.

The ButterUp campaign has been a huge success so far. It has earned more than $US244,000 from 10,814 backers, and it still has a week to go.

The ButterUp knife should be helpful in the kitchen, but its success shows how Kickstarter has evolved to accommodate a wide range of products, some less high-tech than others.

While Kickstarter has helped launch successful tech products like the Pebble smartwatch and the Micro 3-D printer, it’s also been home to the infamous potato salad project and the campaign to resurrect “Reading Rainbow.”

Regardless, once the project ships in March 2015, we look forward to never having our morning toast ruined by clumps of cold butter again.

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