This incredible koala photo sums up Adelaide’s wettest September day on record

‘Dorothea Mackellar’s poem warned me this would happen…’ Photo: Russell Latter/Facebook

Russell Latter knows a thing or two about water, but even the Adelaide plumber struggled this week in the storms sweeping across South Australia and Victoria, causing widespread flooding and extensive damage.

Latter was driving between plumbing jobs on Tuesday when he spotted a koala sitting in the road at Woodhouse Scout Camp, near Piccadilly. The small town in the Adelaide Hills was one of the areas hardest hit by the rain, with up to 110mm falling.

“He looked stuck as both sides if the road were flooded,” Latter told Business Insider.

He filmed the bedraggled marsupial as it looked for a safe spot and climbed up a gate post before seeking refuge higher up in a nearby eucalyptus tree a minute later.

The photo above captured the feeling of many in Australia’s south-eastern corner in recent days and has since gone viral, appearing on the cover of the local newspaper, The Advertiser. The koala was found safe today, after the region’s wettest September day in the region on record. Conditions have eased, but the Bureau of Meteorology is warning of more storms from another low pressure system to come next week.

Here’s latter’s footage of the crazy conditions yesterday and his soaked buddy: