This incredible drone footage shows just how effective capsicum spray is for police

‘Reclaim Australia’ Protesters Rally in Melbourne. Photo: Luis Ascui/ Getty Images.

Reclaim Australia and anti-racism activists clashed with police in Melbourne, over the weekend.

Police used capsicum spray to keep the two groups apart after 50 Reclaim Australia protesters were confronted by an anti-racism group. There were four arrests.

Global news broadcaster RT obtained drone footage showing the warring protesters on the streets of Melbourne outside Parliament House.

You can see protesters converging at the Parliament Station tram stop. Punches are thrown, but within seconds police officers arrive on the scene and begin spraying the brawlers with capsicum spray. Those fighting are quickly dispersed by the irritating chemical — highlighting its effectiveness — and are soon detained and arrested.

Check out the incredible video below.

Assistant police commissioner Alan Clarke said authorities will not tolerate any criminal, anti-social or dangerous behaviour.

“If you choose to do the wrong thing you’ll be removed and dealt with appropriately,” he said.

“The same goes for anyone who attempts to cause disharmony or incite conflict with those who may hold opposing views.”

And it’s not just the police who are armed with this powerful spray. Earlier this year two teenage boys were repeatedly capsicum sprayed by Protective Services Officers at a train station in Melbourne because one of them didn’t have a valid ticket.

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