This Illegal Drugs Website Is Taking Bitcoins For Tim Tams


Silkroad, the anonymous website that lets users buy every illegal drug under the sun with e-currency Bitcoin, isn’t your first port of call for a chocolate biscuit.

But, there they are. Australia’s flagship chocolate snack Arnott’s Tim Tams, up for grabs in the Silkroad grocery section for 0.28 Bitcoins.

Seller time2deal says he will ship a packet of “[email protected]*king delicious chocolate Tims Tams” from Australia for — based on the current Bitcoin price — around $43.

(Now, we know there has been some Bitcoin mania this week, but let’s not allow it spill over into an afternoon snack bubble.)

And according to the filter used on the image above, which came from Reddit Australia it looks as if they are a best seller.

As one Reddit user, Abbrevi8 said: “I see more fat people than I do heroin addicts.”

Bitcoin is a decentralized, anonymous, digital-only currency that’s lately gotten a lot of public attention. Check out our beginners’ guide here.

While a lot of people know Bitcoin as the currency with which you can purchase drugs, guns and nefarious services with anonymously, you can also use them to buy normal things.

In the United States hotel chain Howard Johnson will take them for a room, there is a website that allows you to use them to buy pizza and a family in Texas recently sold their Porsche for 300 of them.

The currency has surged in value recently, with fears of an asset bubble, a sudden crash and recovery and the 6’5″ identical Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame claiming that they own 1% off all Bitcoins on offer.

Have you seen anything that you would not expect up for grabs with Bitcoins? Let us know via the link on the right-hand side of the page.

You can read all of our Bitcoin coverage here.

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