This IKEA Sewing Kit Lets You Make Your Gloves Work With Touchscreens

IKEA Gloves

Photo: YouTube

Despite the fact that winter seemingly forgot most of America this season, we’re still really excited about this IKEA sewing kit that lets you turn any glove into a touchscreen-capable accessory.The BERÖRA kit comes with a conductive thread that you simply weave onto any glove of choice, making it possible for you to use your tablets and smartphones without taking off your gloves.

(Thanks to PSFK for finding this gem!)

Touchscreen-capable gloves can get expensive, so it’s awesome that you can easily add this function on to a pair of gloves you already own. 

To promote the BERÖRA, IKEA made and sold out of its 12,000 kits in a mere two weeks. If winter decides to still come to the U.S., you bet we’ll be hitting up these kits when they’re back in stock. 

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