This Haunting Video Of The Seabed Shows The Enormous Search Area For The Wreckage Of MH370

YouTube/ Bathymetry of the MH370 Search Area.

More than 150,000 square kilometres of sea floor have been searched this year as investigators try to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.

To help the investigation by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, Geoscience Australia (GA) has created a bathymetric survey of the search area.

Using a multibeam sonar to obtain measurements, a detailed map of the topography was recorded and will be used to recreate the sea floor and help navigate the search area.

In the search area, GA has found remnant submarine volcanoes up to 1400m high and depressions up to 1400m deep.

The maps produced from the survey are some of the first high resolution data available of these areas, and while they provide a greater understanding of deep ocean bathymetry for scientists, it is hoped they will also help find the missing plane and to bring closure to the families of those who died in the crash.

You can see what they’re up against in this video: