This happy, awesomely bearded guy just found his Tinder profile leading reddit's front page

It may just be a slow day on reddit, “the internet’s front page”.

But whatever the reason, fate and whimsy have launched this guy, who already looks like he’s permanently having an awesome time, into his 15 minutes of internet fame:

Picture: Ryan Mirvis/Tinder

Redditor MorPie99 discovered the Tinder profile and posted it:

Within hours, it was topping reddit’s front page. Internet, meet Ryan Mirvis.

Ryan’s looking for love and that image of him in full Viking regalia is just one of several great images added to his profile. Here’s another:

Picture: Ryan Mirvis/Tinder

Ryan hasn’t found the right girl yet, but he did find himself:

Now with 6000+ upvotes from redditors and rising fast, he’s going to have a busy 24 hours. It started with Ryan actually having to prove he’s the real deal, so:

Now redditors love him so much, they’re even admitting their own wives are better off with him:

He’s enjoying the attention:

But dig a little deeper and you’ll find there’s a lot going on in Ryan Mirvis’s life.

In fact, particularly with moments like these, he might just have a shot at being Dos Equis’s new Most Interesting Man in the World.

Picture: Ryan Mirvis/Tinder

Ryan Mirvis is everywhere. Even photographed by Getty Images and used in articles about illiterate Vikings fans:

He’s a dramatic arts student who now does stand-up comedy, acting and directing. He works at The Comedy Store on Hollywood Boulevarde, where he’s got a regular gig every Sunday and Monday night. But he’s kind of busy right now:

(He also calls everyone “team”.)

But Mirvis has some proper acting chops – enough to earn him an IMDB profile. He’s appeared in a couple of episodes of “Weeds”, alongside Elijah Wood and Aussie Jason Gann in Gann’s US adaptation of “Wilfred”, and in arguably the best episode of “The Aquabats!” – “Cowboy Android”.

Here he is in “Weeds”:

Picture: Mirvis (right) in ‘Weeds’.

And if you want to see more of him in action, here’s an ad he did last year that’s probably about to generate a thousand or so hits:

Ryan Mirvis, welcome to your 15 minutes of fame. It looks like you know how to work it.

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