This guy smashed his half million dollar McLaren after just 10 minutes of owning it

McLaren’s new 570GT. Photo: Supplied.

A new owner of a McLaren supercar has taken just 10 minutes to wreck it in the UK.

The half million dollar car was left in its sorry state after smashing into a tree in Essex.

The Telegraph reported that the new owner had been spotted celebrating with a bottle of champagne as the car arrived at his house.

But just minutes later the black 650S Spider model was no longer roadworthy with carbon fibre and metal strewn around the neighbourhood after the sudden unexpected stop.

Besides the fact no one was injured, another good thing about the crash for the owner is that because the McLaren is mid-rear-engined, its twin-turbocharged V8 will have escaped the brunt of the impact.

A 650S Spider costs $489,000 in New Zealand is capable of 0-100 kmh in 3 seconds with a top speed of 329 kmh.

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