This guy just asked his girlfriend to marry him in the most Australian way possible

South Australian residents were recently devastated by major bushfires that swept through Adelaide, destroying almost 500 homes, tens of thousands of hectares of farmland, and killing two people.

But out of the devastation has come a beautiful love story.

Ben Kemp, 29, who had planned to ask his girlfriend Jadine Mold, 28, to marry him before the fires, took her on a helicopter ride to survey the extent of the fire’s damage.

To her surprise he had spelt out “Will you marry me” with more than 100 hay bales salvaged from his scorched family farm to propose in the most Australian way possible.

A friend of Mold commented on the photo she posted on Facebook of the proposal saying: “Well Ben men everywhere probs hate u right about now #setting the bar high.”

Check it out:

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