This Guy Found A Way To Raise $10 Million On eBay Without Giving Away Any Equity

Samuel Katabaazi Shopamarket

Samuel Katabaazi, a security guard from the UK, built a startup that offers weekend-only retail sales, Shopamarket.

Rather than turn to investors for funding, he’s turned to eBay.

In what may end up being nothing more than a brilliant marketing move, Katabaazi is trying to sell 99,999 copies of Shopamarket’s business plan for £68.00 each.

If he’s successful, he’ll be looking at $10 million in “funding” while retaining 100% ownership of his company.

It’s a long shot, but the buzz he’ll create from this eBay ploy could be could enough to get Shopamarket off the ground.  Katabaazi freely admits there’s no reason anyone should care about his business plan, but he hypes up it up anyway like it outlines the next Facebook. 

“Imagine seeing some unknown kid training for the Olympics, Katabaazi writes to potential bidders. “You take some time out to give him advice and also buy training gear, because you think this kid has got potential.

“How would you feel when this kid goes and wins the Olympics? Personally I would be proud of myself.”

Will he sell all 99,999 copies? Probably not. But at the very least it’s resourceful, refreshingly innovative marketing.

Here’s his listing:

Samuel Katabaazi Shopamarket