This guy has been camping outside Sydney’s Apple store for 2 weeks to get the first iPhone


People camping outside Apple stores are nothing new, even if Apple wants to put an end to it.

But an Australian man has been camping outside the Apple Store in Sydney’s CBD for two weeks now, even before Apple had announced what they were selling. At least he’s doing it for a good cause.

Lindsay Handmer is a freelance technology journalist and he is on a mission to get the first iPhones that go on sale Friday Morning. He intends to auction both an iPhone 6s as well as a 6s+ to benefit Mission Australia, a charity that supports people living on the streets around Australia.

Handmer has been joined by a Brazilian student and Youtubers from America

Being on the street for two weeks has given him some interesting stories. There are the regular drunks, of course. But there are also the plain weird, like the man who was guarding his stuff, who then disappeared, leaving a suitcase full of knives. Or the entertaining, like the roller-skate crew that visit from time to time.

He’s also become well acquainted with the local scene, taking showers in a local gym, charging his gadgets at a phone shop across the road, and using the facilities in any number of local restaurants. Some passers by have even taken to bringing him coffees and food.

But camping outside the Apple Store for two weeks hasn’t meant a complete break from regular life. He’s employed people on Airtasker to run errands and asked some new friends to mind his stuff while he has continued to work, tapping away on his windows laptop while taking advantage of the free Apple wifi. A freelance journalist, he’s been able to work the entire time.

How much the iPhones sell for, and how much Handmer eventually raises for Mission Australia, we don’t know. What do we do know is that with a cold front moving over Sydney this week, his last couple of days on the street aren’t likely to be pleasant: