This graph shows how dependent Apple is on the iPhone

Photo: Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the iPhone, but one startling chart shows how financially dependent Apple has become on the handheld device.

Data blog crunched the numbers and released the below graph that shows, from a standing start a decade ago, the iPhone now generates almost 60% of Apple’s revenue.

Product contributions to Apple’s revenue. (Source: CB Insights)

Unlike desktop and laptop computers, the US tech giant releases new models of the iPhone on a yearly basis for a more frequent turnaround. This has led to shorter lifespans between upgrades for smartphone consumers – and more revenue for Apple.

The graph also shows the iPad’s contribution to Apple’s coffers peaked in 2012, with its proportion of revenue steadily shrinking since. Even the iPhone’s share of revenue peaked in 2015 then dropped slightly in 2016 – prompting some pundits to wonder whether the world has reached “peak smartphone”.

Although the iPhone 8 is likely still six months away from public release, rumours about its features have already swirled, including a new OLED screen, 3D camera and wireless charging.