This gigantic Rubik's cube is over 5 feet tall, and it's an incredible pain to solve

Rubik’s Cubes are hard to solve, even when they’re small enough to fit on your hand. But why not go bigger?

Famed puzzlemaker Tony Fisher claims to have made the world’s largest, working Rubik’s Cube.

With each side just over 5 feet 1 inches long (1.56 meters), Fisher has to store it in his garage and roll it around his driveway to solve it.

That’s not an easy task. The cube weighs around 220lbs (or 100 kilos), a heavy weight to lift repeatedly and rotate. 

For comparison, the Rubik’s Cube that most people try to solve is only 2.24 inches long on each side. Whether or not Fisher’s Rubik’s Cube is the largest remains up for debate.

A 10-foot-high version in Knoxville, Tennessee doesn’t function anymore, which Fisher argues disqualifies it from being the world’s largest. Another model in a New Jersey science center is more a skeleton than a traditional cube and requires robot asisstance to move the pieces. 

That might leave Fisher’s creation as the world’s largest Rubik’s Cube that’s solvable only by humans. 

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