This Former Journalist Just Returned 198 per cent On His Fund’s Portfolio

Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital just told investors today the fund had a 198 % return in 2011.

In his Q4 letter to partners, Adrangi chalked up the boffo year to shorting four Chinese companies commiting fraud and his long position on Aeropostale.

The strategy was actually discussed last summer in a Washington Post story.

After graduating from Yale in 2003, Adrangi stumbled through several newspaper stints before he realised he was “too nice, too tentative,” according to a Financial Post profile.

Here’s his story archive from the Yale Daily News, and here’s a story the Vancouver native wrote for the Toronto Globe and Mail about a mother who chopped off a neighbo(u)r’s hands

And finally, here’s Kerrisdale’s returns chart:


Kerrisdale Chart

Yes, the Internet is forever. But the evidence that there are second acts in American lives continues to mount.

The closest to journalism he gets now is a blog he keeps about the fund’s strategy.

H/T Carney