This fitness apparel will tell you how hard your muscles are working

People are obsessed with measuring their daily health and fitness, and new technologies are constantly created to make it easier to track.

Wearing Athos fitness apparel is like having an electrocardiogram (EKG) done during your workout. Using eight censors in the shorts and 12 in the shirt, the clothing tracks your body’s heart rate and muscle usage.

In real-time on a smartphone, you can see what muscles are firing and how hard. This gives you the ability see the balance between muscles during a workout.

Why does it matter? Without realising, people with minor injuries often use different muscles to compensate, and to avoid pain. This can cause new injuries to arise, and create bad habits in your workout.

Athos gives you the ability to monitor and ensure you are balancing your muscle usage evenly during a workout.

For Apple users, Athos sends data to the Health app, adding your workout to your daily health data.

Data-obsessed, fitness junkies will welcome the motivation that comes from seeing how much harder they can push their muscles during a workout.

Story and video by Adam Banicki.

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