This fintech startup is trying to solve one of the biggest roommate problems: Splitting bills

Easyshare co-founders Rob Fowler and John Bush (R). Image: Supplied.

Splitting bills is a headache Sydney-based fintech startup Easyshare is attempting to address for roommates around Australia.

Accountant John Bush started toying with the idea two years ago after struggling to collect his flatmates’ shares of rent and bills. He brought on former NASDAQ trading systems CTO Rob Fowler to build out the payment platform.

“It would be very rare that there is no friction between flatmates over unpaid or late rental payments and the sharing of bills when they co-habit,” Bush said.

The platform automatically shares the cost of rent and bills among users who each set up their own payment method. Based on the pre-determined “split”, the user’s portion of rent and expenses is debited from them, collated via an Easyshare account and pushed out to end biller or real estate agent’s trust account on the due date.

Which means there’s no more awkward conversations about who has paid for what, when.

The startup has established a merchant facility with the NAB, to process financial transactions.

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