This Fence At The Australian Grand Prix Seems To Pose A Bit Of A Security Risk

Almost everyone supports the idea that fans should be able to get close to the action, but this might be pushing everyone’s luck a bit.

Having been frustrated by barriers and hoarding blocking even the tiniest view from ground level around the main straight for nearly two days, I was surprised – in a good way – to find you can watch the Australian Grand Prix from a nice patch of grass if you get away from the stands.

You’re well protected by concrete and high fencing, but you’re also just metres away from the sight and sound of 10,000rpm ripping past just above knee level.

Which was brilliant, until I walked past this and took something of a double-take:

That security guard on the left is at least 100m away. There’s no one in sight out of shot to the right.

But look at the access to the track.

It’s a little… open.

You can understand that, as there’s a couple of fire extinguishers there, quick access is needed in case of an emergency. But to leave it so exposed seems a bit lax.

Particularly when F1 has had its share of track invasions. Neil Horan anyone?

More recently, there was this embarrassing lapse at last year’s Belgium GP, where Greenpeace stole the podium to protest against Shell.

Anyway, as the saying goes, we’re just sayin’.

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