This Fairfax photographer's shot says all you need to know about the Coalition on Budget night

Fairfax photographer Alex Ellinghausen took a couple of cracker images of Canberra’s politicians today.

First up was the photo of immigration minister Peter Dutton that made him look a little spooky. When colleague Stephanie Peatling posted it on social media, the minister’s staffers objected, became the story and the Streisand effect took over, ensuring the image clogged everyone’s Twitter stream for the rest of the day.

Tonight, after new treasurer Scott Morrison delivered his first budget under the weight of a looming election, and it was well received, Ellinghausen turned his lens towards the Coalition backbench, where former leader Tony Abbott and a key supporter, dumped former defence minister Kevin Andrews, stood amid colleagues applauding Morrison’s efforts.

The image speaks for itself.

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