This European startup, which makes renting around the world simpler, is coming to Australia

Nestpick founder Fabian Dudek. Image: Supplied.

After building out in European markets over the past year, Rocket Internet-backed rental platform Nestpick is launching in Australia.

Starting in Sydney and Melbourne the platform makes it easier for tenants moving abroad by conduct the entire rental transaction process online. The platform will enable Australians moving to Europe, and vice versa, to book properties.

The highly competitive and expensive Sydney and Melbourne markets have led some renters to find out, too late after choosing online, that what they think they saw and what they actually got doesn’t always match. Nestpick’s properties have been verified independently by photographers who visit them as accurate depictions, so what a tenant sees online is a true reflection of the reality they find on arrival to their new city.

Currently, Nestpick has 20,000 properties available and the startup says that number is increasing by 1000 every week. It includes more than 200 verified properties in both Sydney and Melbourne.

“Moving beyond Europe’s borders is a natural move for Nestpick in our path to revolutionise the rental market on a global level,” founder Fabian Dudek said.

The startup landed on Australia for its expansion after seeing the high number of international students studying here. Last year there were almost 250,000 international students enrolled at Australian universities. Many of these are European, mostly coming from the UK (23,928), Germany (15,217) and France (13,338).

“Australia is a crucial market for us. It provides a huge opportunity to reach thousands of students and young professionals who are still looking for their new home,” Dudek said.

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