This Entrepreneur Is Selling 21 Tropical Islands Off The Coast Of PNG

Getty/Donald Miralle

Entrepreneur Ian Gowrie-Smith is selling 21 islands off the coast of Papua New Guinea.

Gowrie-Smith, according to the Australian Financial Review, bought the Conflict Islands in 2003. They are named after the battleship that discovered them in 1886.

While he would not comment on the price he wanted, the article says they could actually be cheaper than a lot of waterfront properties in Australia.

“I don’t need to sell them, I feel it is time to explore the islands’ full ­potential. The diving there is extra­ordinary; there is nowhere else like it in the world,” he said in the article.

Importantly, there is a 650m runway on the third-largest island Panasesa, which could accommodate most private jets.

And if your private jet isn’t like most private jets, then there is capacity on the largest island for a 3000m runway.

There is more here.

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