This entire Queensland town is for sale for the price of a Sydney apartment

Photo: Sutton Nationwide Realty

Ever heard of Monogorilby?

Well, it could be the property deal you brag to all your friends about at dinner parties.

Instead of trying to crack Sydney’s overpriced, overcrowded property market why not buy a country town in Queensland for around the same price.

Monogorilby, a four-hour drive west of Noosa on the Sunshine Coast, is for sale $750,000.

It spans nearly 17 hectares and comes with 16 houses, a water purification treatment plant, a 3-phase power depot, dam and school hall.

Photo: Sutton Nationwide Realty

The town also has the remnants of its original saw mill still standing like historical artefacts.

“Perfect for caravan park, conference centre, retreat, church, private camps ready for the like-minded organisations,” the listing says.

“If you want privacy, you could not get better.”

Agent Julie Sutton of Sutton Nationwide Realty, told Business Insider the listing is “the first of it kind” in her career.

“We have had a load of interest… mostly for developing,” she said.

Photo: Sutton Nationwide Realty

The interested buyers so far have been Australian businesspeople and consortiums.

She said the property was originally put on the market in September last year for $2.1 million, then dropped to $1.5 million, and now has been halved after there was a death in the family that has owned the area since 2009.

The husband and wife duo from Queensland haven’t disclosed what they’d like to see happen to the town.

Photo: Sutton Nationwide Realty

“The property is absolutely wonderful, it’s really just a country town,” said Sutton.

“It has country town streets, and street lights… the Queenslanders as all typical with paling fences.”

While its the first entire town Sutton has sold she hopes to get the opportunity to sell another in the future.

“It’s no different to what we do normally,” she said.

With the current interest in the listing growing, she said “it’s possible to go for more”.

Photo: Sutton Nationwide Realty

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