This Email With Mark Zuckerberg Started A Top Facebook Designer's Six-Year Career

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Jared Morgenstern is one of Facebook’s top product designers, working on the e-commerce team after previously building the friend finder.Before Facebook, he was running a startup that was bought up by, but was interested in getting into the social space, and spoke frequently with Mark Zuckerberg to bounce off ideas, he said on Quora today.

Eventually, he reached out to Zuckerberg, asking if there was a role at Facebook for someone like himself.

A month later, Zuckerberg responded. Here’s the full email:

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After that, Morgenstern went in for an interview with co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, top designer Soleio and Aaron Sittig. Here was his experience:

Mark said, you should come here, and here’s our recruiter. My interviews included Dustin Moskovitz, Aaron Sittig, and Soleio. Dustin and I talked about mobile, his desk side by side with Zuck’s in the corner of 156. Aaron wore a very intimidating asymmetric sweater and was very hard to read. Soleio had standing desk and made me draw wireframes on photocopied outlines of the main components of the site. I received 2 homework assignments that night, and I stayed up late – powering through the start of a cold – to make sure they had it by 2:00am… I later learned they never looked at it.

Morgenstern joined Facebook shortly after that in 2006, and has been with the company since then — a six year, five month career.

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