This elite athlete is actually very happy about what happens one hour after drinking a can of Coca-Cola

It’s been a rough week on social media for the world’s most iconic soft drink.

A post by blogger The Renegade Pharmacist pulled up information that was doing the rounds five years about what happens to your body an hour after drinking a regular can of Coke.

The infographic went viral and Coke was public enemy number one – again. Then, yesterday, it was Diet Coke’s turn, just to assure readers it wasn’t only the 39g of sugar in regular Coke that had them fearing their insides and brains would instantly melt.

Picture: TheRenegadePharmacist

Because it’s the internet, there were plenty of people willing to take the “science” down, such as BuzzFeed and Gizmodo.

Which is not to say the information is not worthy, just that it’s attaching a single, very clickable brand name to the real enemy found top to bottom on supermarket shelves worldwide – sugar. And an excess of bad things in any diet.

Camille Herron – still standing. Picture: Getty Images

So, intentional or not, Coca-Cola has found a great ambassador for the benefits of guzzling their famous product. Here’s the winning quote on Coke’s blog from America’s No 1 100km runner, Camille Herron:

“Elite athletes drink Coke. It’s almost like magic.”

Herron is working towards winning a marathon in all 50 US states. So far, she’s got 19 wins in 11 states, plus a Guinness World Record for running the fastest marathon while wearing a superhero costume.

Coke says their product is Herron’s “secret formula”. Herron says she picked up the habit two years ago in her first ultra-marathon, grabbing one mid-race.

“It just lit me up!” she says. Then this year, she broke a 100km record at the US Championship, where at the halfway mark, she replaced sports drinks and gel with a can.

“It worked out perfect,” she says. “I couldn’t wait to get to the next aid station to get my Coke.”

It’s sounding a bit corny, kind of like a “smoke cigarettes, stay healthy” ad from the ’50s. But check her sponsor page and you won’t see Coke on it. She’s even studied Exercise and Sport Science at Oregon State University.

And she obviously either hasn’t read “What Happens One Hour After Drinking A Can Of Coke”, or doesn’t care – here’s her plan for the 100km at the World Championships in the Netherlands this September:

“Switch to Coke on the second half, and let that hopefully propel me to a new American record!”

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