This electric rubber dinghy for fishing can be assembled in minutes

  • The GoBoat is an electric dinghy that folds away and only weighs 26 kilograms.
  • The GoBoat is made of easy to assemble plastic parts and requires no tools to build.
  • It can be used for fishing or sight-seeing and can be launched directly from the shore.

The GoBoat is a portable dinghy that can be assembled in minutes. It weighs only 26 kilograms and can easily be stored in a car. The plastic parts of the boat are attached to an inflatable ring using velcro.

The dinghy can be used for fishing or sight-seeing, it’s perfect for shallow areas and can support up to 130 kilograms of weight.

The motor powered by a 12-volt battery and you can launch the GoBoat without the need for a jetty.

The motor has 10 kilograms of thrust giving the boat a maximum speed of 5 mph.

The GoBoat can be purchased by itself for £222, or with a motor and battery for £340.

Produced by Charlie Floyd

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