This Dutch Ad Agency Thinks Dubstep Can Stop Human Trafficking

Belgian ad agency Duval Guillaume Modem has taken a nontraditional route to promote Stop the Traffik’s anti-human trafficking campaign.

DBM had female dancers in lingerie line the windows of Amsterdam’s red light district* to dance for intrigued tourists and cat-calling johns. At the end (which makes the window-laden brothel seem like that house in Skrillex’s Christmas lightshow) a haunting message is displayed: “Every year, thousands of women are promised a dance career in Western Europe. They end up here.”

That got everyone to stop whistling.

The video makes Ashton Kutcher’s kitchy anti-human trafficking ad campaign, which featured Justin Timberlake shaving with a chainsaw and announcing that “real men” don’t buy women, look lazy.

What do you think: effective or exploitative?

Correction: Adland’s Dabitch explains that this may not have been shot in Amsterdam’s red light district.

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