This Drone Is One New Secret Weapon Realtors Are Using To Sell Luxury Homes In A Stagnant Market

helicopter drone

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This aerial drone isn’t a new piece of military technology–it’s a piece of equipment being used by high-end realtors to sell luxury homes without much curb appeal, according to the Hollywood Reporter’s Daniel Miller.The drone, essentially a remote-control helicopter with a camera attached, is being used to snap photos and video of multi-million dollar homes from the sky. It’s one of a number of novel selling techniques brokers are testing to move homes in the stagnant luxury market, the Hollywood Reporter says.

Owned by aerial photography company HeliMalibu, the drone has been used to shoot photos of Paramount CEO Brad Grey‘s Holmby Hills residence, listed at $23.5 million, among others. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the company charges up to $1,800 for video footage of a house and $500 for stills.

It’s still far cheaper than the alternative of chartering a helicopter, which can cost up to $4,000, the Hollywood Reporter notes.

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