This DIY Solar Appliance Could Shave Serious Cash Off Your Utility Bills

For millions of Americans renting a home with a patio or deck, being green is about to get much easier. 

Rather than shell out thousands on installing a solar energy system, a company called SpinRay Energy has developed an appliance, that for $1,099 can easily be mounted to your deck or patio and be plugged into a standard 120V electrical outlet, Treehugger’s Derek Markham reports. 

The appliance offers several cost benefits to consumers: There’s no contractor bill, no need to brush off leaves or snowflakes during the cold winter months and no drilling or modification that would tick off your landlord, says SpinRay; “It’s just simple green energy.”  

Here’s how Markham explains it works: “The panels include a microinverter pre-mounted on the back, and require five minutes of steady power from the grid before they begin producing power (as well as automatically shutting down when grid power goes out), which keeps the system from putting electricity into the grid at times when utility workers may be working on it and aren’t expecting a live line.” 

The appliance also offers a tax perk—the 30 per cent Residential Energy Credit from the IRS, which will put $65 to $70 in your pocket. The reason: The tax caps at $1,000 per kilowatt and each unit produces roughly 200 watts of clean energy. 

Watch SpinRay’s video below to learn more: 

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