This designer coaxes bees into creating amazing sculptures out of wax

Picture: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny

No bees were harmed in the making of this giant, beautiful teapot.

It’s the work of Slovakian designer Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny, Dutch beekeeper Johan Beckers and 60,000 bees based in a leafy garden somewhere near Rotterdam.

Libertíny and the bees finished the pot in August, but he’s only recently posted this video showing the bees at work.

Inhabitat got the details of the construction from Libertíny (read them in full here). In a nutshell, he coaxes the swarm to build onto a metal frame, and the beekeeper tends the swarm for about two years while the magic happens.

Picture: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny

Libertíny calls the work “Thousand Years”:

“I have been always amazed by the power of nature and its epic force that drives forward slowly but steadily,” he told Inhabitat.

The beeswax teapot was commissioned by silver manufacturer Christofle.

Picture: Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny

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