This is the pitch deck for environment monitor company Obzervr which drew attention at Steve Baxter's RiverPitch

Steve Baxter. Supplied

Shark Tank judge and entrepreneur Steve Baxter created RiverPitch in 2012 to give worthy startups exposure to serious investors.

It’s a little different from other events. It brings together investors and entrepreneurs in a social environment, a less formal setting, where developed ideas can be pitched and, hopefully, get backing from people who know business.

The Brisbane event is supported by a community of investors formed to help the early-stage and startup sector access funding.

Alumni from previous RiverPitch events include edu-tech startup, CohortPay, fast-growing payroll operations startup, Tanda, and customised project planning startup, Grapple.

Past RiverPitch events have been structured around a dinner but the latest one was held at Brisbane Farm Cinemas and included drinks before the startups pitched.

Investors include Steve Baxter and Michael Dempsey who started

At the latest RiverPitch, seven startups pitched. One of the most promising showcases was Obzervr, a mobile environmental monitoring tool for the mining and resources sector.

Since RiverPitch, Obzervr has had meetings with a number of potential investors looking at putting in $250,000 for a 20% equity stake.

RiverPitch organisers say the Obzervr presentation created a lot of interest and the startup is now talking with three interested parties.

Obzervr is also talking with UK Trade and Investment which is setting up business connections and relationships in the UK.

Tania Walter, CEO and founder of Obzervr, presented the deck. She’s been in project management for more than 14 years. She has consulted to three out of the four major gas companies in Queensland, implementing environment compliance.

After introducing the management team, here’s the deck she presented:

All about mines proving they are not negatively impacting the environment

Companies send scientists out to the field

Obzervr started a year ago to improve the way miners collect data

Data to be collected using a tablet or phone

We can help global miners publish the truth about their compliance

An average mine collects 30,000 - 50,000 samples a year

The strategy is to offer a software subscription service and a mobile application

Healthy Water is the first customer to use Obzervr

Partnered with Cardno, an ASX-200 listed environment consulting company

3 tenders in play at the moment

Competitors include forms-based tools and existing enterprise packages

Earnings of $23 million over 5 years

Seed investment of $250,000 in return for 20% equity

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